The Revulsion Series

When I started this novel, my intention was never to make it a series. But by the end of the first book, it became apparent that’s what I had to do. Now, it’s becoming apparent that the series is about to draw to a close. After publishing the first two books in the series, the end of the third book is visible on the horizon. After this book is completed, I will move on to another project.

This project allowed me to explore some very dark places. It wasn’t always comfortable or easy, but I felt the subject matter was important enough to treat respectfully.

For many of us, a genre like horror allows us to create a space where we explore the worst that humanity has to offer. While it hasn’t always been associated with “high art”, it doesn’t have to be either. Indeed, horror appeals to something very basic and instinctual with in us, but we indulge that fear because we must—because if we don’t, then it still has power over us.

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