Meet Crom Cruach

Crom Cruach is the ancient Celtic god of the burial mound. In The Revulsion of Angel Walker, ancient deities and demons all once roamed the earth. Deities like Ba’al were literally demonized by the Hebrews who loathed his worshipers for sacrificing their children to curry favor with him. In the bible, this demon is also called Moloch. To Ba’al and Moloch, babies were sacrificed in ovens known as tophets.

In The Revulsion of Angel Walker, Ba’al flees the Syrian and Phoenician lands after their people are conquered by the Hebrew armies that wielded the power of the God of the Old Testament. Ba’al flees to Ireland where he is worshiped by the Celts under the name Crom Cruach.

Original artwork by Zachary Cain (

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